Shears & Beers: Premium Barbershop in Birkdale Village, Huntersville

At Shears & Beers, we blend the age-old tradition of barbering with the lively spirit of an Irish pub. Conveniently located inside the Kilted Buffalo in Birkdale Village, Huntersville, our patrons get to savor the dual pleasure of sipping a cold beer while undergoing a transformational grooming session.

An Unparalleled Grooming Experience

Every haircut is a statement, and at Shears & Beers, we understand the nuances of crafting the perfect look for our clients. Whether you’re seeking the modern flair of our Men’s Modern Haircut or the simplicity and precision of our Basic offerings, each service is delivered with meticulous care and attention to detail. Our talented stylists are trained to adapt and cater to diverse needs, from kids to seniors, ensuring everyone leaves our doors with renewed confidence and style.

Beyond Haircuts: Crafting Your Signature Style

Beards have made a grand comeback, and at Shears & Beers, we celebrate this resurgence. Our Beard Detail with Razor service ensures you wear your beard not just as facial hair, but as a proud emblem of your personal style. For those moments when you crave an ultra-smooth feel, our Head and Face Shave services stand ready to transport you into a realm of luxury and relaxation.

Celebrating Our Heroes

At the heart of Shears & Beers lies a deep respect for the brave individuals who serve our communities. Our dedicated grooming services for military personnel and first responders come with special rates, a small gesture of our immense gratitude.